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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Cupcake Attempts

As a means to divert myself, I got myself together and whipped up some easy cupcake recipes from the Internet.
Though struggling with my limited supply of energy, I managed to finish the baking down to the decorating part. I am happy with the taste and texture of the cakes: 
moist , semi-sweet and chocolatey. What I was not too happy about was the frosting part.Decorating cupcakes is a difficult task for me! Well, I was not that surprised. I completely suck at art projects in school.

I had fun baking these anyways. I still want to learn more of baking and decorating cakes. My dream is to be able to make  gorgeous cakes with appetizing decorations. Oh well, these ones are good  for a start. I'm looking forward to more baking attempts.


  1. I like the color combination of dark brown topped with the aqua colored frosting. Mukhang masarap sis!

  2. Naku sis. Kakahiya kaya yung design.;( haha!