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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

After the Pregnancy Sickness

The start of this year has been very wonderful for me as I am finally " almost recovering" from the pain of pregnancy sickness. Im now on my 25th week and so far, I am feeling better than  I did the first 4 months . I still vomit occasionally but my energy seems to be keeping up more with me now.

So I am back on track. And of course that means Im fully capable again of doing my old routine:

*Going to work.
*My sweet duty of caring for my husband.
*Cleaning the house
*Keeping all the bills and apppointment dates in check.
*Do 10-15 minutes yoga stretches daily, once in the morning and once before bed.
*Going out on casual dates with my husband.
* Late night Smallville dvd marathon with my husband.

Moreover, I now have these things to start tending to:

* Plan for all neccesary changes that I need to make before our baby arrives.
* Prepare the room and the house ( de-clutter, that is) for some changes to adopt a new friendly space for the baby and her stuffs.
*Shop for baby's stuffs

I love to do all these things and the idea of preparing for our baby keeps me excited. But knowing myself, I have this tendency of planning too much and stressing myself too easily. Not that these things are pressures, but I DO have this unwanted talent of putting unecessary pressure on myself. A slight disruption in my time schedule makes my composure go out of wack.

From my 4 months experience of pregnancy sickness, I have already drawn this proven formula:
                              pressures+ stress+ cramming + hunger or too much food= vomiting

Now I know that I need to keep myself in check. While I am feeling my energy going back again after the 4 month long hiatus of being sick, I still have to consider that Im not that fully well to take on too much task at a time. I dreaded vomiting. Anybody who has suffered nausea in pregnancy surely understands why. So im taking it easy and remind myself that I have time on my hands.

Everything will be okay. and besides, this period is a lovely moment of preparation that I should cherish. Its my first baby and I should enjoy these moments.

Monday, January 30, 2012


I am Sanna. I am filipino born and raised. I lived the first 22 wonderful years of my life in the lovely, warm country, Philippines. After that, I left for Canada and I'm now appreciating this cold land's generousity for five years.

I am married to the man of my dreams, Adrian, and We are expecting our little baby girl on the way. Starting this blog is right in time with the start of a new chapter in my life, As I am embracing the first year of being with my husband and now preparing for being a mother for the rest of my life.

I love writing. I am one of the authors of a book called " The Past is Another Country" which is a collection of stories of newcomers to Canada from many different countries. Writing has always been the best form of expressing my self. I am an extremely shy person when I was young but I am getting better as I become older. As I age, what I wanna do is to be my most real self.

I love being inspired. I love cuddling with my husband , squeezing and caressing his face.
I love being a wife. I am into music. I used to want to become a singer . I want to think I also play the guitar fairly well.or maybe not. ( Or you can judge my playing and singing ). :)

Reading is a fuel for my inspiration. Take me to a bookstore and I can spend hours and hours there.
I love natural looking make up. I love dressing up plain and simple. I love simplicity.

The calmest person in the world for me is my father; My husband is my soulmate. I have a few but true friends and I still want to make more true friends.

I love the idea of travelling and being aboard a plane, but the farthest I had travelled to is Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which is a beautiful place as well.

I created this blog because:

*Time is always fleeting. Moments would just pass us by. I would like to capture ordinary but magical moments of my life and document them the best way I know how, which is thru writing.

*I want to be inspired by stories from many people, and in turn be an inspiration to others too.
* I want this to be the little place where I collect my thoughts and stories. In that way, my heart is always accessible to the persons that I love.

So there. I hope I have said enough. and I hope you stumble upon something interesting in my writing. Gaining people's interest is not really my forte.

But I will try.