Wednesday, November 20, 2013

30 and some thoughts

Hello to you who have found the time to drop by and read this space! You know,sitting here and writing this post  seem like a breather to me because the past week was kinda busy as I spent it making desserts and  entertaining beloved guests in a little dinner party afterwards.I practically baked most days of the week. All for what?, You may ask. Well, this girl, the writer behind Woman Scribbles,  just turned 30 a few days ago.

30. Wow! What a milestone isn't it? I think its a special stage. Being 30 seem the stage where you are neither young nor old. But I think 30 is the age where in I want to develop new habits, believe new perceptions and create more meaningful memories.

Ever since high school, I always write in my journal every time I turn a year older .Thoughts and things. I make resolutions and special notes to myself. So what is different now I turned 30? I think this is the age when you realize that time goes fast like water going down the drain.

So while I wait for luck and wish on stars when I was younger, 30 is the age when I start taking concrete actions to achieve things that I want in life.

These aren't really big or grand. I mean, when I started baking, I never thought I can make a mere double layered cake. But one thing is for sure now: I surely have never gotten this far if I didn't decide to hold that whisk and plug that old mixer sitting in our cupboards. I never would have gotten as far as a year and a half in blogging if I did not decide to sit down and write my very first post.

So I like 30. It is the start of another exciting and meaningful stories of my life.

On a lighter note, I  busied myself creating desserts. I made a German Chocolate Cake and lots of Peach panacota.  I was not able to take food shots of the whole cake and the whole batch of panacota but I did manage to spare a slice and a cup of each, respectively.

I also baked a 12 by 18 inches cake that I brought to work for all November celebrants. Pretty tired I was, but I was surely happy.

I feel like a little girl with lots of new goodies as well: I got a new planner which I have been enduring without for the last year. I got a new food processor and a new mixer! So I think I might be baking lots and lots on my 30th year, don't you think?

See you all again!


  1. Happy birthday Sanna! It is a milestone indeed. My 30th was sort of an awakening and acceptance. Here's to new beginnings and the fulfillment of your goals. God bless!