Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Philippines in a Very Difficult Time

As I type this post, I am sitting in my old comfortable chair that I sit in everyday. Later tonight,  I will be eating in the same dinner table where I eat everyday. I will be sleeping in my own bed besides my family, like I always do every night.

I drive the same path to work everyday. I see the same things.I do the same things.

But for thousands and thousands of the Filipino people, all it took were a few hours and nothing in their life is the same. For indefinite number of nights, they will have no comfortable place to sleep in. They lost their homes and everything that is familiar to them. They lost their family. They lost their lives.

I cant even start to imagine how one can walk down the lane that used to be his own, his everyday path, his everyday life, a lane that now he cant even recognize because it is barren and silent like a dead land.

Nothing is the same.

My heart breaks watching my fellow country men suffer from the devastating typhoon, Yolanda / Haiyan. Words are not enough to describe the grief  I feel as I see the hard life they are going through. But for them, no amount  tears, no amount of crying can ever quantify the depth of pain, hunger, heartache and fear.

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If you are one who are able and willing to help the suffering people in Visayas Region of the Philippines, here are some of the many ways to donate:

World Vision
Canadian Red Cross

In times like these, prayers are unfailing and an indispensable resort. May their aching hearts be comforted, and may hope shines anew after this dreadful tragedy.

My heart goes out to you, beautiful and strong Filipino People.


  1. really sad to watch the news and how people are trying their best to get food and shelter for their families. Hopefully the government works doubly now to help our fellow men.

    1. I hope things get better soon. It is hearbreaking to see their plight.