Woman Scribbles : New Home, New Beginnings

Exciting, thrilling, challenging. These words perfectly describe my week so far. My heart has been jumping and my mind is playfully imagining and creating non stop.

You see, this blog, Woman Scribbles has moved to a new home. I have finally taken the plunge to leave the familiar, and have taken my blogging endeavor  to a whole new level. This move is something that has been playing in my mind for a long time but for some reasons, maybe lack of motivation and focus, I kept shrugging the idea off.

But now, oh now.. the feeling is so different. I feel like starting all over again. I have to learn again. I have to deal with the unfamiliar. It reminds me when I first started Woman Scribbles.  I knew I wanted to blog,  the idea is jumping out of my heart with all its might , but I have no clue how to begin.

So from there, from that desire I found myself being  up late nights and early  mornings researching, creating, learning things I had no idea about . I felt no tiredness at all because I was  bursting with desire and passion. Then, Woman Scribbles was born. It went through a lots of stages, but I did learn along the way from creating my own header, embedding, inserting links to pushing myself to bring out more creativity and having focus. Really, blogging has shaped me to become a different person and Woman Scribbles’ first home is something that will always bring back fond memories.

And now that we have moved, Here I am again. Learning,creating and asking questions. But this emotion, this feeling, I really love it. I am restless and excited, and I can get my hands off of  the computer designing, tweaking and lots of times staring blankly. I am on a high. I am inspired and I can wait to begin again.

Here in this new place, here in our little space, new beginnings will rise and another journey will unfold.

So hello, hello world. This is Sanna, once again.

Welcome to Woman Scribbles.

(Special thanks to Riz of Chasing Dreams for my blogger to WordPress migration, and to Camille of Lollies and Lipsticks for the recommendation.)

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