Thursday Thoughts: Food Makes Lasting Memories

Hello friends, new and old! Lately, I have been desiring the feeling of creative writing and expression. For those of you who are new to Thursday Thoughts, you will be surprised to see a non-recipe post on the site. Thursday Thoughts is a series on the blog where I just write away whatever is the latest about the site, a bit about me and my family, and just an overall glimpse of who I am really, my thoughts and what nots.

Girl making cinnamon rolls.

Lately, it has been hard to write these personal posts. To be honest, while I am challenged to find chunks of time to sit down and write, I also find it too uncomfortable to make something all about me. And maybe that is the reason why these posts tend to become less and less frequent.

But I came to realize that that thought is just silly. I write to thrive, and when I write, I feel something lift within me. I just feel joyful and pleasant.

A Special Mail from a Reader

My favorite mail this week is from an 80 year old foodie. She wrote of memories of her mother’s cooking, and of her making popcorn for her siblings.

On Saturday nights, they enjoy cake with homemade icing. She further recalls her mom’s cooking were all done on a wood stove.

Now, I can be a bit too emotional, but having read this, a lovely picture came to my mind. Lovely memories around making and sharing food from years before, fondly remembered by a daughter.

Then, she closed the email saying “My mother would have loved your recipes” Now I know I am not as good as her mother as a cook and baker, but this story just reminds me that food is more than just what it is.

The aroma of rice cooking reminds of hot afternoons back in the Philippines, when we will feast with freshly fried fish and steamed rice on a humid summer day.

When I see a rectangle birthday cake, I remember how I nearly ruined my own birthday cake my mom made for me by throwing a hoola hoop across the table.

When I pass through the neighborhood after a long day of work, house after house, I sniff the diverse aroma of food cooking for dinner. I ultimately equate this smell to comfort, and being at home at last to enjoy a home cooked meal and wind down afterwards.

These days, I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner almost everyday of the week. I would not exactly say I am always thrilled to do it. Well, it is tiresome! I plan the menu week after week, I cook them each day, then.. repeat.. for like… forever?

A girl holding a bread dough.

But then, it is actually a privilege to be able to make something. Because of this email.. I get reminded that each I make and serve food, I also make memories. Memories with my son and daughters, my husband. And those can last a lifetime.

What are your favorite memories around food? Let me know!

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