Half moon Drive In-A little Family Tradition

moments mom and daughterThis is our little family tradition. It’s not something monumental, but every year , my little family always go to Half Moon Drive In restaurant once spring steps into our cold land. It started with just me and Adrian back in 2011, But the year Faye was born and when she was barely 4 months old , we bundled her up and brought her to one of her first experience of outdoors as we lounged and ate our burgers in the outside seats of Half Moon Drive In.

I think that aside from the good food ( burgers, hotdogs and poutine to highlight our favorites) , what is special about Half moon is that that  guests have options to eat inside which is cozy and homey, or outside where there are convenient picnic tables and you are greeted by birds and the sight of a calm river is not far away. ( long sentence!)

Last weekend, as the season begins to warm up, we started early for this yearly tradition. A 40 minutes drive from Winnipeg to Lockport was all it takes and we were three happy souls savoring the start of spring after being confined in winter season.

HAlf moon Drive In

 But since it was not really that warm yet, we had to eat inside so we wont be eating burgers and poutine with numb fingers and cold faces. But whether indoors and outdoors, we are always satisfied with the food. It is all about the food! Here are our favorites: bacon cheeseburgers and poutine. Yum yum, pure goodness and writing this post makes me hungry at 4 am!

burgers and poutine Half Moon drive in

lets walk hand in hand
Oh, this is not in Lockport but more like in Selkirk as we drove there after lunch just to see this frozen river.It is starting to melt!

Half Moon Drive InHalf moon Lockport MB

Below is a photo recap of our moments in Half moon Drive in since 2011. I want to say thank you to my friend Richelle because she was the one who introduced me to this place and when I took Adrian with me shortly after we were married, He fell in love with this place too. Now it is just amazing to see that it has become a little yearly tradition in spring. I love having family traditions and I cant be more happy starting early during Faye’s tender young age . Creating family traditions is like giving your kids something to look back to fondly when they grow up. It is creating a family bond and legacy as you create memories that they can reminisce and look back to in the future.

2011 halfmoon Drive In

2012 Half moon drive in

halfmoon Drive In 2013

ice cream halfmoon

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