Five Things That Boost My Confidence


Now I am not writing this because I am the most confident person around. As a matter of fact, I struggle with confidence for most part of my life. I have always been the laid back and shy type girl growing up. But as I mature, I realize that lack of confidence is not appealing at all and it does not serve me or the world in any way.

During the start of this year, I made a resolution to raise my confidence level  and to stop playing small just not to intimidate anyone. I think I have said this before,  that not being confident and shying away from our true worth and value does not serve the world. So in gaining confidence, I know that I can fully live each day offering people the best version of myself. That way, I can be more helpful and inspiring.

Confidence is beautiful. It is sexy. It is attractive.  All of us have seen people who , in the standard of society, are visibly good looking but somehow seem to lack something. Confidence. But then there are this people who seem to light up every room and who seem so charismatic no matter how they look. They are people with confidence. They are happy,they accept who they are and they are pleasing to be around.

Here, I list the things that I have started to do  since new year and these have been helping me a lot to feel good about myself. These things help me release my inhibition and my awkwardness  and just by exerting conscious effort to change, I feel more better about myself.

1. Having Faith and Letting Go. This is more focused on the spiritual aspect.  Whatever your faith is, I believe there is beauty in letting your worries go and surrendering them to that Higher power. Anxieties weigh us down but if we live daily with the Faith that we are being taken care of and our future will be handled gracefully by God, then we can live worry- free and we can focus on enjoying all good things that each day brings.

2. Admiration. There are these persons who I admire because of how they carry themselves. Confident people radiates beautiful energy and they just shine. Let them inspire you. I always take those persons as motivations for me to work on my own confidence. Now let me set this apart from trying to live somebody else’s life and not being yourself. Copying someone does not manifest confidence in anyway because you are trying to defy your own person just to be like somebody else.  I think that the root core of confidence is the knowledge that you, as a person , are unique and have your own set of talents. With admiration, I observe that nothing sets me apart from those confident people but the fact that they accept themselves fully and they magnify all the good qualities they have. If they can do it, I can do it too.

3.Nourishing oneself. I have started to practice a morning ritual and it has been greatly helping me to improve my well being and definitely makes me feel good as I start the day. Doing something to care for my  body and nourish it makes me feel good.

Yoga- this is magical. I use a yoga app and each morning I squeeze ten to thirty minutes of yoga before taking a shower. Yoga releases body tension and stretches parts of my body that has been stagnant from not exercising after a long time. I stumbled and fell during my first few tries but as I go along each day, there is so much strength and confidence that I feel each time I hold a pose and it carries on through to the rest of my day. Yoga makes me feel good in an instant.

Dry Skin Brushing- I feel like I am doing my skin and body a great favor and I cant wait to see stunning results. Dry skin brushing aids in exfoliating the skin, rubbing off its dead skin layers, and it also enhances blood circulation and stimulates toxins excretion through the skin.

4.Getting in touch with the things I love.What do you love to do? What makes you lose yourself? Doing things that you enjoy and cultivating your inner talents will give you more confidence. Get back to what you enjoy. Take time to do what you passions are and you will see that you are more happy and confident, knowing that you are good at something. I always find myself reading books, playing the guitar or baking every time I feel a dip in my mood and self esteem. I always end up feeling more cheerful and happy, and valuable.

5.Beautify. Present YOU nicely. You owe it yourself, its your duty. Make conscious effort to look your best self. Again,  I am not saying to doll up impractically every time. What I am saying is put effort in looking nice and agreeable. I tell you there is so much difference in my mood and productivity level if I take the time to do my hair, and put some lipstick that best compliment me. There is confidence in knowing that you have the ability to become your most beautiful self just by little gestures of tidying up and planning your clothes more mindfully. Just take that extra time to beautify and you will see the difference.