Friday, September 19, 2014

7 Easy Dessert Recipes For Beginners

The first ever dessert that I whipped must be a crema de fruta, a delicious treat where graham crackers are layered with cream and fruit cocktails. I must be in high school then.

Or actually , the very first one was a choco pudding. Right! That one. You mix Milo or Ovaltine with a tiny amount of water to form a paste, a pudding. And then, you eat right out of the bowl that you used for mixing.

I must be seven years old then.

My point is, whether you started making a pudding when you were 30, a pie when you were 50 or a 3 tier cake when you were 5, Everybody gotta start somewhere right?

So for beginners, here is a list of easy dessert recipes that you can whip up if you want to begin your journey of dessert making and/ or baking. They are no fail and sure to be loved by dessert lovers.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Mamon Recipe Development : Second Trial

Okay, if you have been following along, this is the second installment of my recipe development series for the perfect mamon. In case you missed  the first trial, you can check it out here.

For the first trial and this one, the taste of mamon are satisfactory. It is not so bad, dare I say. I mean, you just wont stop at one piece, you gotta have another.  This is because I have made mamon before, if you can remember. It is here and here, and the results were so far, good.

So why then, am I working my butt off to develop another mamon recipe?
It is because I am not satisfied with how the mamon appear. You know, the physical appearance is just...
well..not really like a mamon. I want something that looks more appealing, and the ones you are seeing now are, of course, far from appealing but we'll get there. I am weeerrking on it.

Look at those pores! Not quite what I wanted to achieve. But the taste is there though. Its just that elusive mamon appearance that's driving me crazy!

So this means I will be sporting my apron this weekend to whip up another batch of mamon, with the hope of achieving the perfect mamon look. And I were you, I will be watching this space closely because you will never know when will I achieve mamon perfection.

I hope I dont get to trial # 100 before I get that .

Happy weekend you'all!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bento Style Picnic

I have been admiring bento lunches lately. I find it so cute and appetizing for a meal to be presented in neat portions in a box. Although, I am not so artsy- artsy, I feel like I want to buy a starter bento kit and jump to this whole bento-ing bandwagon! 

It all started when I was finding food ideas for my daughter to take for her daycare lunch, and thanks to pinterest because, whoa! There are a whole lot of ideas for toddler lunches and about 70% of them are doing them bento style! So from there, you know, the usual me- I got so inspired. I want to do everything bento style. And because I know it would not please my wallet ( or my husband ) if I order in a whole bunch of bento stuff from the internet like there will be a bento shortage crisis soon, I went to try bento-ing first with  the things I have at hand.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Gummy bears and Toddlers

Its a steady kind of day today, and perhaps, aside from finishing this post and eating meals, All I will ever do today is watch my baby daughter and attend to her because she is sick.

When our kids are sick, Isn't it one of the most troubling feelings in the world?

So really, There is  nothing here today.  And since I miss the wriggly, playful and silly version of my daughter, whose energy and silliness has been reduced to maybe a third, I want to share these photos taken a week ago before the cold and fever intruded our household.

It looks so serene and innocent. But in reality, it is not. And unfortunately for you guys, there are a
million of these. Sorry!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mamon Recipe Development: First Trial

Ummm, those ones up there, they are not kababayans. 

Please, They are mamon. As the title says so.
I can't blame you though. They seem to be a hybrid of kababayan and mamon.

Okay, before I defend myself (and my baking ) further, Let me let you in on a little dream of mine.

( Instrumental music starts)

Someday, I will have a perfect mamon recipe, soft, fluffy and delicate. Someday, I will offer people my mamon gift baskets, where these goodies are arranged neatly in a wooden basket, complete with gift tags and all. People will bring them to house parties, group potlucks, corporate assemblies, and even have  them as party favors.

That is a dream that I hope to realize someday.

And today is one step of a high ladder.