My #RockportCa Experience

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The #RockportCa Experience

When Jessica Denomme, publicist of Rockport Shoes, emailed to me an invitation  to attend the media launch of the Rockport shoe store in our local mall, Polo Park, I had mixed emotions for various reasons: First, I have not really attended any media event yet and I did not  know what to expect. Second, I was quite unsure if the event will turn out only to be a means for them to sell and persuade me to  buy something and spending money at that point in time was not really in my list.  Third, it was right at the time when we were scheduled to move to our new house and I was not sure if I can squeeze that event in the busyness of my life in the moment. But still, Something inside of me felt that I really wanted to go and knew that if I pass on the event , I will be regretting.

And I was glad I pursued going after all! I was happy that I went out of my comfort zone and did not listen to my inner fears. Not only because I was gifted a free pair of shoes, well that was also an amazing part, but because I was able to meet a few bloggers around our city. I was able to meet the very enthusiastic blogger behind pegcitylovely, Natalie Bell, and I had fun just roaming around the store looking at the wonderful shoes and be awed by how they were designed to be comfortable and light on the feet. I mean, can you imagine a heels that has adripene soles, as in the same sole technology that Adidas use? You can practically run around in heels when your shoes are Rockport.

I was wrong when I assumed that they will only persuade me to buy. No they did not. They clearly invited the media to let us experience # Rockport shoes and they did a pretty amazing job in fulfilling that mission.

Here I am wearing the free pair of shoes from Rockport. They gave away a free pair to the media and we get to choose what we like. And because I am more of a casual type , I chose a red pair of flats . They were so light and another thing that I really love about them is that they are machine washable. So practical for someone who runs after a toddler and get messy by being stepped upon by two little feet. They are now my amazing new shoes and It will always help me fondly remember  this moment because it was my first event as a blogger and I did breakaway from my comfort zone.

So all in all, my first event as a blogger was fun, full of surprises and definitely worth the time! I cant wait for another one.

Wearing my rockport shoes


Heeled shoes has adripene soles. They are not rigid like any normal heeled shoes so they are comfy to wear and light on the feet.


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