Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It Has Been Quite Difficult

It has been quite difficult to wake up this morning.

It was dark, cold and I was quite tired.

It has been difficult to go to work, difficult to take a shower, dress up and get myself together.

It has been difficult to drive today. The roads were slippery and  my car wiggled in the icy surfaces.

It has been difficult to dress up Faye, my daughter to go to the daycare. 
I had to bundle her in thick layering of sweater, jacket and ski pants. Not too mention the gloves, scarf , toque and boots to top it all up.

november last year

It has been extra difficult to snuggle her in her car seat, drive her to daycare and say goodbye.

It is the weather. There is something about the cold, the darkness and the snow that make me want to hold my daughter close to me all day long.

While I was at work, I feel so distant and hollow. I should be with my daughter. We should be both at home while I am make her soup and keep her warm all day long. We should not be apart and cold.

Well... I think that is motherhood  right there. We all want to be with them every minute, but we can't. We think we have to be with them every minute but really, it is not necessary.

 Motherhood can be an obsession sometimes:  Obsession with the need to be with our kids always especially when its dark and cold.

my daughter with lolo
Really, the weather is not helping at all.

Then suddenly, it was 3:30 pm. It was time to go home.  I picked Faye up from the daycare, wrap her in my arms as she ran towards me .

Then we began  to hit the icy road.

The car wiggled again. I was breathless and nervous all the while.

Geez! I miss summer.

November last year

Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Random Things About Me

Over the past weeks, Woman Scribbles has been gaining a few more followers on Facebook . I am awed because even though I am so lazy and I don't do as much self- promotions as I should, our little blog is able to catch a few attention of some people, and it is unknown to me whether it is because of the recipes or my stories, and I don't know  how they find this blog. Is it through my posts of food photos on Facebook or through searches that lead them to my blog?

But whatever and however, I would like to say thank you, thank you for your interest.

Since it is my birthday week, I thought I'd put up a list of some things you might want to know about me, just so you can get to know more about the person behind this blog. Well, the writer, photographer and the ambitious cook behind it to be exact.

Here goes, only 11 okay?

1. I am not the type of person who will enter a crowd and bring life to it. I usually ( want to) arrive in a group unnoticed.

2. I am not the type of person who have constant coffee dates with some girlfriends every week, though sometimes I wish I have. But then again, most moms with a toddler don't have time for that. Or maybe it is just me. So I conclude that I need a social life.

3. I don't like parties that much, except for ones that are intimate with family and friends. But then again, most mom with a toddler don't have time for that. Or maybe it is just me. So must I conclude that I need a social life?

4.On the contrary to number 3 though, I may not be a party person but I want to dress up, have somebody do my hair and make up and look  glam and nice once in a while.

5. I work in a lab with 5  people including myself. We rarely get to see new people. We are backstage/behind the scenes people. And we are ( I am) fine with that.

6. My job is to match colors. Yes there is such a job, and I have been doing it for 8 years.

7. I love fried chicken. It is probably my most favorite food in the world.

8. I love baking, but you probably know that already. But I hate baking whenever I am pregnant. That you might not know yet.

9. I am the youngest of three, and the only girl.

10. I love The Carpenters.  * I know I need to be in love, I know I've wasted too much tiiiiiime...*

11. Sometimes, I think that I will be a novice cook forever. That's because of so many kitchen fails.

I could go on and bore you and myself too,so I must stop here. But before I  crash and jump to bed, I thought I'd drop some pictures too so just you have an idea who is talking in this blog and who are the persons I talk about.

Yours truly and my toddler little girl.

The husband. I did try to find a brighter photo.

I did try to find other photos really, but I though I'd post this one.

So there is my gang for you! I do hope I did not annoy you that much.

See you soon!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Different from Me

 Yesterday when I picked my daughter up from the daycare, one of the teacher told me a story about my girl which made my heart pitter patter.

"She was so funny"  She said. I just love it when stories begin like that. So I anticipated the story with a smile.

The teacher was having a very busy day, and coming out from  the office to the children's room where the kids were busy playing and running around she exclaimed to one of her co- teachers ,

" I am so busy, I need a hug!"

So what do you know, my two year old  daughter , who must have overheard her, or who was listening to their conversation from a distance, suddenly came running towards her with arms wide open to give her teacher the biggest hug.

She shouted excitedly " Huuuug!" as she was running towards her weary teacher, arms widespread in the air.

I melted.

Oh  daughters, daughters! Where did you learn to be so sweet at times and silly the next time?

When your kid does something like this,  you cant help but smile, right?
Smile never left my face while the teacher was telling this story.

She is growing up to be so different from me.  I am glad that she is not timid and overly shy like her mother.
That's a good thing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Easy Pizza Bread

Last week, I was failing miserably in the kitchen. I was developing a recipe for brownies, but I got over excited and I beat so much air in the eggs. That means that the batter got excited too and it rose too much too soon upon minutes after being in the oven.

I ended up with with a goo with a burnt, ballooning top.

I made Buko Pie, also known as coconut pie. Seeing that the filling I made would not even make it to the half of the crust, I panicked and I dumped a handful of uncooked coconut shavings in the crust.  I ended up having a chewy coconut sports in a pie.

So yes, last week was a boo!

What happened right though, were these easy pizza bread. Because this does not require  superb  kitchen skills or extra analysis whatsoever. It was just me, playing in the kitchen like the little girl I was.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

My very first pumpkins in the house. 

Back when I was in the Philippines, Halloween was not really celebrated the way people do here in Canada or the US. What I can remember is that this holiday is mainly regarded as " All Souls' Day " and  "All Saints' Day"  and is equated to families going to the cemeteries to spend time with the departed loved ones.

Yesterday afternoon, me and my friends at work were talking about how All Souls Day in the Philippines  is such an effective way to reunite families in one place as they gather around the graves of their loved ones. As a kid, I remember that we all rise up early in the morning to get ready for this big day. My father, me , my two brothers, a number of cousins, my titos and titas all prepare to leave early just so we can avoid extreme heat of the sun during our commute to the cemetery.

Armed with our packed lunches and drinks, we all load a jeepney going to the cemetery, and we arrive there to meet more of our relatives. We stay day there for about half a day with lots of eating, chatting,catching up with relatives and praying. Graves we visit includes that of my mother, who passed away when I was 4, that of grandmother, grandfather and a few other elders. Before heading home we always stop by and dine at this one favorite little eatery to have noodles ( pansit) and burgers.

This time of the year was a special time and we never missed practicing our traditions. Nowadays, the Philippines has also become westernized in that they observe the Halloween too, in terms of American practices like dressing up in costumes and doing trick or treat.

When I arrived here in Canada, I really did not care much about the Halloween traditions- pumpkins, costumes, decorating  the front yard with spooky things, although I enjoyed a bit giving out candies to little kids during trick or treat. But now that I have a daughter, that all changed.

Yesterday, I find myself picking out pumpkins in the supermarket. I find excitement in picking out the costume for my little girl. Suddenly, it's is different.

Suddenly, Halloween is exciting. Suddenly, I am involved.

Oh the joy in her eyes when she sees me and her ninang carve those pumpkins! And her amazed look when she saw the pumpkins all carved and lit!

These things, that sight of her face. They are all priceless.

And I know I will be looking forward to this every year from now on, And it is all because of her.
It is all for a rich childhood. It is all for my daughter.

Don't you find Halloween exciting because of your kids too? I bet you do!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2013