Thursday Thoughts

Today is a gloomy kind of day. It was so nice to be under the blankets snuggled next to my two girls in the dark and cozy bedroom this morning.  If only we can stay under the sheets all day, it would be nice. But then, the girls will wake up, they gotta eat, shower and show up for the day. So staying in bed all day is like a case of expectation vs reality for me.

Anyways, yesterday, I did a mini photo shoot of the two. You know how they say that one wonderful thing about having daughters is that you can dress them, doll them up and do all sort of girly things with them?

Well, yesterday, I had no argument with that…

{dressed up}


{dolled up}


I took the time to have them put on their pink dresses, and though it was a challenge to try to make them sit still during shoots, we still managed somehow.

little girl


And looking at these photos, I thought to myself that I am fine with my kids being at this age.


Grow up? No thanks. They can stay this way forever, you know to be little girls . I am completely okay with that.

But then again, just like another case of expectation vs reality, all kids grow up no matter how much we want them to stay babies.

And the next thing you know is they’re killing you with all their knowing looks and charm..

And I cant argue with that..



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