Friday, July 25, 2014

Teriyaki Fried Rice and Ham

Fried rice is one of the few foods that my daughter likes. Last week at a birthday party, I watch her in delight as she ate fried rice with gusto. I am observing that my toddler has affinity for more salty foods than bland ones. She prefers fried rice more than plain white rice most of the time. As with plain white rice, it has to be swimming in a soup base like sinigang or tinola.

For this week's food idea, it is this simple teriyaki fried rice made with ingredients that are staples in your pantry. And since Food Ideas Weekly is not about complication and cooking skills, this dish is very easy and only requires basic kitchen skills. Like, frying . And frying.



Seeing that my daughter likes her new sippy cup  makes me feel exhilirated.

The sight of her chowing down bite after bite of fish fillet made me grin from ear to ear. Most of the time she is a picky eater,  so I guess you can tell that just by this sight, my heart is screaming for joy!

She demonstrated two new skills today: One is using a fork and spoon in a somehow correct way, and second, Removing her poopy diaper all by herself  and throwing it in the garbage can, including her panty!

Today, in preparation for daycare the coming week, I cut her hair. And I am bursting out laughing  watching her face while I was trimming her bangs. Her eyes were tightly closed , her face all crumpled up and her lips are  curled up in  a little smile as I passed the scissor thru her bangs.

Today, I realize that even though at this point in time, I am not with my child every moment of the day, There are still plenty of   times that we can share before and after her daycare.

Today, I guess you can tell that I am still emotional over my daughter going to the daycare. But things are getting better.

Today, I remember that being her mother, I should be the first one to let her go, so she can see more of the world.

So today, and everyday, I am letting go.

Its hard when you know that you are all that your daughter needs. But then maybe, that is not true. There is a different kind of growing and learning that happens  when I am not with her. And I have to let her do that.
Just let go a little , she will be fine...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

# Mommy Woes

Hashtag mommy woes.

Sorry for the lack of a better title. I just  feel this post could have been tweeted or instagrammed instead because it is just me with my blabbers, only that 140 characters wont fit.

Last night in bed, my daughter and I  were spontaneously locked in each others arms. Its about one week before she goes  to daycare center for the first time. I was so anxious and worried, and she had no clue.

The hug felt like it was all I needed. We just laid there naturally, her little hands fondling the back of my neck.I wished for the moment, literally, to never end. I just wished I didn't have to leave her to another new place. I was thinking she is too young to go to the daycare. And I wished that the moment of our hug could just stay on for longer,  for days  and years on end. So I did not have to leave her, or to let her go.

She looked so content and happy; So assured inside my arms while my mind was racing with so many thoughts. Will she be okay? Will she look for me? Will she seek comfort being in a new place? What if they cant understand her words? Will she nap? Will she eat? I know .. I am worrying way too much! I get disapproving remarks from Adrian  from all my blabbers and worries. I know He is right when he says its gonna be ok.

When I look at my daughter, I know  I am being unfair for undermining her capabilities.  Maybe because she is my baby, I tend to overlook how independent she is. At such a young age, she has shown unusual social skills. She loves to be around people. She loves exploration, she is rarely shy.  She can play independently for hours.  Those things give me the strength and assurance to finally accept  this daycare thing.  I still can remember my pain when I had to leave her at home so I can go back to work. I feel it again now,  Yet , I realize that My daughter has shown for the past two years that  when  this day come, she will be okay.

I never thought  I will resort to daycare,  not that I am against it or something. I have full trust in well trained staff  and educators,   Its just that I cant help but worry!  I look up to all the mothers who   had gone through this. Because I know we all want to be with them  EVERY step of the way. We want to be the  one to guide them in all their firsts. And we want to be with them in these early years.. Because it such a short , short  period..  But then when the thing called WORK gets in the way, somehow we give up that ideal situation. But we never stop wishing and even trying to make that ideal possible.

Like everything, I know this is just a phase.  I don't know how the first day in daycare will go for my daughter, maybe she will like it  or maybe she wont.  For me, it is sure to be emotional. But hopefully  after that first day, things will be easier.

These mommy woes.. I have excitement, joy , fear, worry and anxiety going on inside me at the same time!

In the back of my mind, I know my baby will have fun mingling with other kids. She will love all the reading, role play and singing. She will be awed by the day care field trips. She will grow and learn.

She will be okay.

So mommy should stop worrying. Or at least lessen it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grilled Bell Peppers and Asparagus with Fried Egg and Avocado

Last weekend, I got a grill pan from Ikea which was on sale. It is always fun to visit Ikea because aside from the very affordable and hearty breakfast in their restaurant, you get to see lots of kitchen and home stuff too, on sale! So the grill pan was one of the things that caught my eye, aside from the 4 pack of hangers which was .99 cents. :)

So for the first installment of Food Ideas Weekly, my grill pan takes center stage.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pork Binagoongan

Last week I was enticed to cook Pork Binagoongan after seeing  it being prepared on TV. I rarely cook pork dishes except if it does not involve a lot of chopping like this one. The simplicity and ease of preparation is such a win- win in my list. You know, having a toddler and being such a novice cook require that dishes should contain only , at most, 5 ingredients to chop!