My Favorite Subjects

Today, it has been more than two months since I left work to spend a year long maternity leave. That means I have ten months left of my precious vacation and then I will go back to work ( insert sad face here.)

I must say though, that I am really lucky to live in a country that gives one of the longest period of maternity leave as a privilege to families caring for a newborn. One year. How grand is that? Thank you , Canada! So instead of counting down the days, I thought to myself that it will be more worthwhile for me to be fully present in each day of my ten months left and just enjoy being with my kids.

So while I foresee myself taking lots of food photos for my blog, I also can guarantee that by the end of my leave, there will be gazillions of photos of my kids to show up for that 12 month long maternity leave.

So now, lets forget food, because here are my real favorite photography subjects:

daughterMy first born just wont stop growing…
yawning babyand my newborn just wont stop feeding and sleeping…



Their mother just wont stop snapping photos …


girl smile

And her.. she just wont stop filling the house with the sound of her voice. I tell you my firstborn is my exact opposite. I can go for hours and hours without talking; she can’t stand one minute of not talking.


sister kiss

Sometimes I find myself wishing for time to stop,

dad and me

Because although twelve months is twelve months, and one year is a  long time,

mornings quickly turn to afternoons

and afternoons to evening,

and in one snap a day is done.

So here I am immersing myself fully from head to toe in the daily hustles and bustles of this thing called motherhood (and maternity leave.) I might as well be in it and cherish it while it last.

The messy tables and sticky hands,

my clothes smelling of milk and bodily fluids,

repeating myself over and over again,

sleepless nights,

morning giggles and evening tantrums,

multitasking and not doing anything at all,

I just take them as they come…

because mornings turn to afternoons, and afternoons to evenings,

and little girls turn to big girls in no time.