Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mamon Recipe Development: First Trial

Ummm, those ones up there, they are not kababayans. 

Please, They are mamon. As the title says so.
I can't blame you though. They seem to be a hybrid of kababayan and mamon.

Okay, before I defend myself (and my baking ) further, Let me let you in on a little dream of mine.

( Instrumental music starts)

Someday, I will have a perfect mamon recipe, soft, fluffy and delicate. Someday, I will offer people my mamon gift baskets, where these goodies are arranged neatly in a wooden basket, complete with gift tags and all. People will bring them to house parties, group potlucks, corporate assemblies, and even have  them as party favors.

That is a dream that I hope to realize someday.

And today is one step of a high ladder.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Little Getaway

Our long weekend getaway started on a gloomy , rainy weather. We knew it would rain but we still took chances. After all, one can never tell if Mr. Sunshine decides to appear amidst a rainy day. And you don't want to stay home on a long weekend, do you?

Let me take you to a glimpse of our little getaway on the August Long weekend, but first , let me warn you. This is picture heavy. This is the point you decide if you are reading on or not. I mean, I was kinda hesitant to post too many pictures as that may bore you but then, I am posting anyway, whoever reads, reads at his own risk of getting bored with our faces.

But really, there are not too many.

 Here  I am and my daughter outside Busters Bbq. The restaurant was packed that we had to wait outside for our food. I had to take the camera out because I want to remember that one long weekend, we drove 4 hours to Kenora, waited outside a restaurant in the rain, and that it was beautiful.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life ( Motherhood) is A Beautiful Roller Coaster Ride

I really ( suck) in dealing with separation anxiety.

Oh wait. .. sorry! Can you believe I am still talking about my daughter's first week in daycare? If you have not been around lately, I have been rambling and blabbering out my mind here and here . And for you who have been following along, sorry if I have been bombarding you with all the motherhood blahs and blahs.

Yes it is still about my daughter going to the daycare center for the first time. But today, I am gonna pass on talking about my drama, not only because you may be getting tired of it, but also because I feel that for the three days of daycare so far, we are doing fine and we are easing in very nicely.

As expected, my daughter was all giddy seeing all those kids and books and toys in the center. On our first day, after we kissed and hugged goodbye, I couldn't get her attention anymore as she wandered through all those toys. So good to see. Yet an hour after I got to work, I started worrying.

What if she realized I am not there anymore? What if she wants cuddles so she can nap?

But I let  those questions burst like bubble thoughts in my head. Later when I picked her up , I saw a little girl in a superwoman costume running towards me and threw herself in my arms. She was happy. She looked tired, but happy, and that is enough for me to relax.

Okay. I am stopping there. You know, I could go on for hours and hours but this daycare issue that has been going on for days has to stop. Unless I want this blog to look like my diary !

Friday, July 25, 2014

Teriyaki Fried Rice and Ham

Fried rice is one of the few foods that my daughter likes. Last week at a birthday party, I watch her in delight as she ate fried rice with gusto. I am observing that my toddler has affinity for more salty foods than bland ones. She prefers fried rice more than plain white rice most of the time. As with plain white rice, it has to be swimming in a soup base like sinigang or tinola.

For this week's food idea, it is this simple teriyaki fried rice made with ingredients that are staples in your pantry. This dish is very easy and only requires basic kitchen skills. Like, frying . And frying.



Seeing that my daughter likes her new sippy cup  makes me feel exhilirated.

The sight of her chowing down bite after bite of fish fillet made me grin from ear to ear. Most of the time she is a picky eater,  so I guess you can tell that just by this sight, my heart is screaming for joy!

She demonstrated two new skills today: One is using a fork and spoon in a somehow correct way, and second, Removing her poopy diaper all by herself  and throwing it in the garbage can, including her panty!

Today, in preparation for daycare the coming week, I cut her hair. And I am bursting out laughing  watching her face while I was trimming her bangs. Her eyes were tightly closed , her face all crumpled up and her lips are  curled up in  a little smile as I passed the scissor thru her bangs.

Today, I realize that even though at this point in time, I am not with my child every moment of the day, There are still plenty of   times that we can share before and after her daycare.

Today, I guess you can tell that I am still emotional over my daughter going to the daycare. But things are getting better.

Today, I remember that being her mother, I should be the first one to let her go, so she can see more of the world.

So today, and everyday, I am letting go.

Its hard when you know that you are all that your daughter needs. But then maybe, that is not true. There is a different kind of growing and learning that happens  when I am not with her. And I have to let her do that.
Just let go a little , she will be fine...