The Joy List

My one joy today, early morning, is the feel, sight and ambiance of our home on a lovely, dim Friday morning, with all my 3 kids comfortably snuggled in their own seats, and my husband in the other room working from home.

With 2 school age kids and an active toddler, catching a glimpse of a peaceful rainy morning during a summer vacation is BLISS. I love having my girls at home.

While that means I am getting less work done, and having more tending to do- I love and live for these days.

Chocolate Croissants in a baking sheet.

My Joy List Lately

  1. A serious looking journal from Amazon that nobody ordered arrived at our home a few weeks ago. Our main suspicion: my 2 year old. He loved tinkering with my phone and must have ordered it. Now I am using it as my new gratitude journal.
  2. I appreciate more, than ever, these colored bento plates for kids (can be for adults too!). When we have friends over, having these plates for the little humans makes eating fun instead of using all big dinner plates. Saves dishwasher space too! This is a hefty colorful pack of nine and I am so thankful I bought these years ago.
  3. These Dips recipes for chips is giving me life lately. I think I am having a kettle cooked potato chip affinity lately, and there has to be a dip. All or nothing 🙂
  4. I baked and baked some chocolate croissants in the past week. My love for them has been dormant for years, and when it has awakened, I embraced it fully 💖.
  5. Last but not the least, the spring and summer time having us dine out in the backyard, grill some meats and just hang out. This is a first for us, since we just moved and bought this home a year ago, and the combination of these moments, and the childhood years or our kids-is always precious.

Happy Weekend everyone. I hope your Joy list is long and overflowing.

With love,


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