The Joy List

As you may know, we recently just moved to Calgary, and it has been over a month! Days are fast and the haste and busyness have tapered down. We started to settle and ease into our new home, a new city. Here are the things that are giving me so much joy lately.

Photo of beautiful sunrise by the window.

Beautiful Sunrise. Each day I watch the sun goes up to the horizon, from our bedroom window. I love basking in its natural beauty. I sit on the floor by the bed, propped up on a pillow that I use for meditation, and allow the golden rays to warm up my face as I close my eyes. This is luxury, and it makes me so happy!

Father and little boy walking hand by hand.

Early Evening Walks. After dinner, and when the sun is not too hot for the skin, we set out each night (mostly), to walk along the neighborhood then on a trail that encircles a small lake.

The girls love the short walk and it is so good for me and my husband too, to decompress after a day’s work. One thing I notice is how the walks calm our little boy. He is super active for most part of the day, but the walk mellows him down. I think he loves it!

School Starting this Week. Apparently, school starts earlier here in Calgary. In a few days, our girls will start a new chapter, a new school, new set of people, new set of friends!

Although I am kind of anxious as to how they are gonna deal with this transition, I am also excited for them to experience it. Actually, they are not showing any signs of anxiety, and I like that.

I would be so nervous and anxious as a kid. I am glad that they are not like me!

A bonsai plant.

Bonsai Seeds. Okay, you guys. I do not know what happened. All I know is I was searching for decoration items for our living room. The next thing I know, I was reading about how to grow a bonsai and got so mesmerized by the thought of growing my own tree!

Apparently, growing a Bonsai takes a lot of time, so I immediately made a note to myself to be patient, and enjoy this long process. Will this tree live or perish? I will let you know 🙂 Right now, caring for it gives me so much joy.

Little boy, close up shot.

This Boy. I swear this boy equals the combined energy of my two girls when they were his age. He is persistent, active, curious, and strong. He drives me crazy, mostly in a good way. But still, he is a blazing ball of energy and strong will! I honestly cannot get any work done.

But, but, but.. his smiles make me smile. His kisses melt my heart. His dance moves crack me up and his cries crush me. I still can vividly remember the day when my ob said “they think its a boy.

That is one of the happiest days of my life and some of the most joyful words I have ever heard. And this boy is living his best life every day. I love that!

Music: At my Worst by Pink Sweat$ I love the beat and the words. It warms my heart and makes me dance at the same time!

Movie: WW84 Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is so beautiful! Strong, sexy, pretty face. I love this movie more than the first one. My fave scene is when she and Chris Pine say goodbye! Steve is such a man, the way he told Diana to love again 😢. This is a good Friday night watch.

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