Thursday Thoughts

August is almost done and the “ber” months are here! Here are some of the things that gave me joy over the last couple of months.

Reading.  A lot

1. Ask and It is Given by Esther Hick

2. Sara Book 1 by Esther and Jerry Hicks

3. Sara Book 2 by Esther and Jerry Hicks

4. The Universe has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

5.Self-care for the Real World by Nadia and Katia Narain

6. Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein

Except for number 5, all of these are in ebook form and I am actually considering buying a Kindle reader. I buy my ebooks from Amazon so Kindle is ideal. I used to weigh my love for the feel of real books and an e-reader. I just love the feel and smell of an actual book. I love spending hours scouring aisles of book stores but now, seeing that I can read more at night (the only free time I have) with an e-reader, I am seriously considering getting one. Thoughts? 

I look forward to my reading each night. When everyone in bed is drifting off, I incline my pillow and start my leisure reading. I am particularly drawn to inspiring, self-help books lately. How about you? What are you reading? I would love some recommendations!

Lac du bonnet

Our 1oth Year Wedding Anniversary. What sums up a decade of marriage for me? Lots of ups, lots of downs, a heart full of gratitude and definitely super duper lots of personal growth. I love the man more than before.

Elkhorn Resort

We spent our anniversary weekend at a hotel 4 hours drive away, leaving our camping trailer behind for a little bit of a glammed up getaway. The kids loove staying in hotels. And me too 🙂 But we love camping too. But some slight luxuries and pools are nice from time to time.

Dinner at Elkhorn Resort

My four-year-old is in the chattiest and cutest stage of her life. I just want to bite her.

daughter at Elkhorn resortThese times are my favorite.

family at Elkhorn Resort

We still camped a couple of times but we kinda’ ended it for the season now, being I am now on my 35th week of pregnancy and I look like I am gonna pop anytime.

camp site

I am excited to see our little guy, and I am so looking forward to feeling normal again. If you know me, my pregnancies change my life so greatly both for the better and worse. I just can’t wait to be energetic and bake and blog again 🙂

I hope you guys are having the best last weeks of summer. I appreciate you all for being here!

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  1. I too love books, and read multiple times a day especially every night before bed. Because i have poor eyesight, I have most of my books on my kindle that way I can adjust the font size depending upon the time of day. What I like about the kindle is that it has the capability to read to me. When I’m cooking or baking, folding the laundry, on days when the old eyes aren’t cooperating and even getting ready for the day I usually have my kindle reading to me. That is a luxury I am so grateful for.
    Congrats to you and your husband on 10 years. And thanks for sharing, Sanna. Stay safe and healthy.


    1. Hi JoAnn! Isn’t reading such a leisurely time? I get so excited looking forward to a quiet time when I can read. I admit, reading has been a lot easier with the Kindle app on my phone rather than having to carry a book. And that “reading to me feature” is not available on the kindle app, so I am really now convinced to get a Kindle 🙂

      Tell me about the books you read. I may like them too!
      Thanks for all your well wishes. I am sending love and safety to you and your family as well. Take care!

      1. Hi Sanna,
        Thanks for your reply. Mostly I read mystery novels. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, (Sherlock Holmes), and Agatha Christie, and cook books. When my nieces come over with their little ones I download free Beatrix Potter books, J.M. Barrie who wrote Peter Pan. I like to puruse the free books to see what there is to offer. When I’m on Amazon I just type in “free kindle ebooks” to see what comes up. The text-to-speech feature on the Kindle really is such a fun thing to have.
        Have a wonderful weekend, Sanna.

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