Sweet Weekends

Hello all!
The week has started  and before we know it, the weekend is alluring us again with it’s promise of rest, late nights and idle mornings. I love weekends that even as early as Tuesday, I find myself dreaming about it already. I know, I sound like somebody who does not have weekdays life, but I do. It is just that I love how on weekends, we have less time constraint and I get two whole days to spend with my cuddly ones.
But weekends go by fast, don’t they?
Before I can take a breather, It is Sunday afternoon again and I have to get ready for another workweek. In translation, that means I have to prepare 3 days worth of work lunches for me and Adrian; I have to organize my planner for the week; I have to plan my daughter’s daycare lunches for the next days; Don’t forget the sky-high laundry that needs to be folded and sorted. All these while trying to have early Sunday night bedtime to avoid lazy Monday mornings, when I snooze the alarm a hundred times and contemplate whether it is time to get up or not.
Such is the weekend. Do I sound like complaining? Actually , I just wish weekends are a little bit longer. But whether it is short or long, It is always a guarantee that weekends are well spent in our household. We can spend the whole time being idle at home,or we can be out and about spending time in our little laid back city, or even  watch movies at night while snacking on  yummy homemade chips  and so so much more activities on the weekends.
Here, in my day dreaming about weekends, I have gathered a few photos that were snapped on weekends. So while I am waiting for it to arrive, I will be looking at these until the weekend is here again.
Have a happy week you’ all.
Ube cake I made for a friend last Thanksgiving long weekend

my daughter trying to grab me as soon as she realize daddy is taking photos
a double rainbow during our drive home from portage la prarie

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