Like A Child


 Every night I usually say  prayers  with Faye  like “God please watch over Faye tonight and always” , and “Thank you for mommy and daddy and everyone who loves me” and I say them aloud so she has an idea that praying is actually talking to God. Last night during prayer time in bed, I asked my daughter what did she want to tell God. I was curious as to how she will answer If I were to let her pray by herself.

To my amusement she turned her head to look up and said ” Ice cream po” and to my delight I said   ” Wow, that is nice. Okay, what else ?” and she looked upwards again and said ” Chocolate po”.

I was deeply humbled by the innocence and the Faith that only a child can manifest. She asked like she was sure she will be given. She did not know when or how but she asked for what she wanted without blinking an eye.

Now of course, things are a lot different for us as adults. We face greater challenges, uncertainties and sadness in that when we pray, we usually leave a lot of concerns in our head and worry about so many things instead of unloading them all to God.

I am that. Each time I am faced with trials,I try to figure out so many things at once. I ask a lot of questions and I wallow in all uncertainties and I let fear rule me everyday when in fact it  only should be simple as praying to God and leaving it all to Him. I have to say this to myself over and over , but I guess I have to admit that I’m such a big worry freak.

Last night I thought I was teaching Faye  but it was her who taught me how to pray with  innocence and trust. For me , it is not an easy thing not to worry because as a grown up, I feel like a lot of things are in my hand when in fact , so much is out of our hands  because Life itself is solely in the hands of God.

May we all pray with confidence and have Faith like that of a child.

Happy week ahead!



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