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Joy. Social Media. Nature, outdoors and it’s beautiful sounds. We are camping once again!

Hello guys! Welcome to Thursday Thoughts, a series on the blog that sadly does not happen every Thursday but mostly once in a while, depending on how organized I am 🙂

Family photo collage

My update for you is that I am six months along, getting pretty big, and enjoying the nice weather. You guys, with all the lockdown happening lately, I think most of us stepped outdoors into the nice weather and into nature and find it to be the sweetest thing after such a relatively long time.

camping photo

It is so nice to once again, hear the rustling of leaves as they dance along with the wind. So nice to feel the sun on my face on a wide-open space and sleep in the midst of trees and neighboring campers.

Also, I am slowly starting to work my butt again. As you may know, I write posts for my friend Lalaine over at Kawaling Pinoy and two of my latest on her blog are:

Ube Cheese Pandesal

Ube Cheese pandesal

and Red Velvet Pandesal

red velvet pandesal

These are truly soft and delicious guys so if you are one of the bread lovers here, make sure to go try them! And stay tuned to her blog for my future guest posts recipes as well, mmkay?

family photo collage 3


And one more internal talk here if you don’t mind–Joy. I am thinking about how Joy can be so elusive sometimes. Especially when your mind races with so many thoughts coming in from both directions of the past and future.

I have been reading and listening quite a lot lately on how I can quiet my mind, you know, because I aim to make joy my daily state. But obviously the joy state is not always the case. Anxieties from what has been and fear for what may be, these drain me inevitably.

But, but but. I a seeing myself as a work in progress. I am excited and hopeful that each day will be a day that I have better trained my thoughts to live just one day at a time and to pick up little pieces of sparkles along the way.

family photo

Also, social media. Sometimes it makes me sad how this facade of beautiful pics we see everyday on our phones can affect how we see our own lives. It is easy to think that someone we watch closely has it all together, perfect lives, perfect  houses. The sad thing is when we begin to measure our own situations against those highly curated and staged photos of others. 

I mean I have nothing against creators ( I am one of them, after all), I guess that sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that our lives are perfectly imperfect, and that creators or whoever it is that you follow are not putting things out there so you can compare your self against their content.

camping photo

This makes me so cautious now about the way I put my content across the web. Please know that I never ever wanted to make you feel bad. My food photos, my baked goods come with hours and hours of preparation. It takes a certain amount of editing to make the bread and cakes look the way they do. I say this to everyone who sends me pictures of their baked goods and say “Here is a lame version of your ube cake that I made” or “I did not form the buns as good as you did”

Know that yours and my creations are the same. And my aim for being a creator, a blogger is to share the same joy and passion for baking and creating with all of you. Not to be a standard because…I fail as often as you do. Oh I do. Trust me.

So my wish is that you and I find joy this weekend, with quiet minds and contented hearts.

Sending love. Until next time.

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